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Dubai is a well-known name in the world of tourist destinations. With no thought, people are drawn to spending their holidays in Dubai. Dubai City Tour Dubai City Tour provides the feeling of being in the middle of a fairy-tale. The captivating architecture of Dubai, the towering skyscrapers and the rich culture of the city and how easy it is to forget the awe-inspiring and world’s best shops. Dubai is a city of two sides. City of Dubai has two sides. One highlights the historic and ancient aspect of the city with a incredible architect. However, its another side features a more contemporary and glamorous look which allows everyone to experience the modern world.
Dubai offers many things to offer its visitors and tourists that you will never regret a decision to visit Dubai. It is certain that your Dubai City Tour is sure to be one of the most unforgettable and memorable experiences of your life. It will contain all the components of a memorable trip, including the thrill, enjoyment and fun, as well as comfort and everything else to create a memorable memories of your life.

dubai city tour

100 AED

Includes: Self Arrival Parking, Night Stay In Desert in Hygiene Blankets & Tents + Breakfast.

city tour

199 AED

Includes: 4WD Hotel Pick-Drop, Evening Entertainments, Dinner, Night Stay In Desert & Breakfast.

dubai tour

299 AED

Includes: 4WD Hotel Pick-Drop, Evening Safari, Self Ride ATV Bike, Dinner & Night Stay + Breakfast.

dubai sightseeing

700 AED

Includes: 4WD Pick-Drop, Evening Safari, VIP Dinner Services, ATV, Private Night Stay + Breakfast.


We offer an array of best packages for Dubai City Tour. Dubai City tour that are inexpensive and comfortable, together with excitement and excitement. We’ll do our best to assist you in exploring both the ancient and fascinating life of Dubai and its contemporary, mesmerizing and dazzling side. It is possible to visit the best and most renowned places on your stay, such as The Dubai Museum, which is located within Al Fahidi Fort. The museum has a variety of objects and artifacts that can transport you to the journey through time. One of the most impressive works by the architect was the Jumeirah mosque. It can inspire its visitors with an amazing blend of Islamic and modern-day architecture.
However the modern and glamorous part of Dubai is filled with wonders. They boasts some of the most amazing attractions such as the Burj Al Arab Hotel, which holds the distinction as the sole hotel with seven stars anywhere in the world. What can we forget to have the time to visit Jumeirah Beach? In short this tour, this Dubai City tour will be a one-of-a most unique and memorable experiences of your life. It will can captivate you and create lasting memories. We can get you there by offering high-end services..


There are numerous choices and things that one could do and do well during your Dubai City Tour. Everybody is free to select depending on their preferences, whether they’re more into the historic side that is Dubai and its contemporary aspect. But, here’s an assortment of activities that everyone would like to do when they are in Dubai.


It may seem like a small, unattractive thing initially, but once you’ve had a go you’ll never see them ever again with the same angle and viewpoint. If you’re looking to take your Dubai City Tour tour on your own and not in a group, then the best option is to travel by Dubai big buses. Dubai is a city with a lot of development with a thriving tourist industry. By hopping on the Dubai large bus, one is able to enjoy the sights of all the stunning spots within Dubai. For the entire journey, there are approximately 35 stops.


This is a good news story for thrill-seekers who want to experience an adventure filled with thrills and excitement. Don’t miss the chance to go to Dubai Desert Safari. It could be a life-changing experience for a few. It is possible to experience the grandeur and the beauty in the desert. Visitors can enjoy the best sunset or sunrise views of their lives. Its days are full of glamour and elegance and its evenings are serene and beautiful.


As the world's highest building, Burj Khalifa is a well-known brand to everyone and is a well-known iconic landmark in the city. I would say this is an ample reasons to go to Burj Khalifa. The towering structure will impress visitors with its stunning view and its amazing architecture. If you're not suffering from fear of heights, then it is recommended that you visit the top level of the building. You will get the best views and experiences in your lifetime. Also, you can go to the highest observatory in the world here.


The last item on the list of best activities to experience in Dubai City Tour is Motiongate Dubai. This amazing park was launched in the year 2016 and holds the distinction of being the largest themed Entertainment Park here. It is possible to enjoy your favourite animated tales here and get an opportunity to meet your favorite characters.


In the middle of Atlantis, The Palm amazing and exhilarating Water Park Aquaventure is a must to cool its guests during hot and sunny days. The main attraction to these places is the fact that it is situated on a man-made , artificial island. You can swim through the tunnel, while watching swimming with sharks and stingrays. It's time to visit the place. It's going to be the best experiences you've ever had.



  • You must book Dubai City Tour 48 hours before your tour. For more information, please use the Booking Form OR Connect via WhatsApp
  • All prices are per person.
  • Refreshments and lunch are not included unless otherwise requested.
  • All prices are per person.
  • You must cancel your tour at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure. 100% Cancellation Apply if you notify less than 24 hours before your tour day. No Refund
  • You must notify 24 hours in advance if you wish to cancel or reschedule your tour. There will not be any additional charges. You must reschedule the trip within the same year as the original trip.
  • English Language tour guide licensed by professional.
  • Children under 3 years old are free of charge. Above 3 years, the same price as an adult will apply.
  • Private transport can be arranged for groups and families upon request.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice.


  • We have the right to allocate seating according to availability.
  • All shared transfers are handled on SIC / Sharing with Other Tourists unless you have requested and been confirmed for premium services.


  • All vehicles come fully insured to cover passengers in the unlikely event of an accident.


  • Men – Long-Sleeved Shirts and Full-Length Trousers (ankle-length).
  • Women: Long trousers or skirts, long-sleeve shirts or tops, nothing tight, and a headscarf are essential to cover your head (important).


  • You can pay at pick-up time via cash, or there is an option to pay online too. 5 % percent extra charges if you want to pay via card.


In general, it’s an adventure through dunes along the sand, typically on jeeps but there may be a variety of options, depending on the package you select like sunrise desert safari morning desert safari or afternoon desert safari night desert safari, an overnight desert safari or any other. It’s an unforgettable experience, mainly due to the scenery you’ll journey. Based on your preferences you can pick the morning, evening, or evening to go on the safari. It’s not just about the drive only, but also eating, fun and other amenities throughout. Explore our packages for more.

Desert safari has become one of the most popular activities among tourists visiting Dubai. And it’s not surprising why. A Desert Safari Dubai tour offers a unique chance to explore the stunning sand dunes of the Arabian Desert. But that’s not all. Desert safari is also about getting a taste of authentic Emirati cuisine, enjoying a fun-filled night under the stars, and even catching a glimpse of the majestic sunrise or sunset. Whether you’re an adventure seeker or simply looking to relax and take in the sights, a Desert Safari Dubai tour is sure to exceed your expectations. Besides, camel riding is also exciting that adds to know the rich culture of the place.

Kids are permitted in Desert Safari Dubai. Most packages are suitable for children and if they do not have specific medical issues. Children will also delight in exploring the deserts. A photo session with Falcons, the possibility of spotting various wildlife species and more. is a great experience. It is important to note that children under five years old should be accompanied by parent or caregivers.

You can make it happen There aren’t any requirements. However, we would like you to enjoy your experience to the fullest. We suggest that you wear comfortable clothes. To begin with it is possible to wear comfortable clothes and a hat, sunglasses, or a hat. Sunscreen and lotions are extremely beneficial. Simply put, wear looser and more adjustable clothes (breathable) which are appropriate for both cold and hot temperatures. Be aware that you are walking in the dunes, so avoid wearing clothes that can cause you to throw dust everywhere you go.

Morning tour has camel riding, sand biking, and quad biking, witness the sunrise to offer, though quad biking charges extra.

For evening safari, dune bashing, exotic dinner, outdoor activities, Bedouin-style camp, surreal sunsets barbecue dinner, belly dance is exciting to enjoy.

So, considering the activities and experiences to witness in the heart of Arabian deserts, charges for each of the ride, evening safari is beneficial if only you don’t want to miss the sunrise.

Yes, it’s a thrilling and safe activity to take part in during your safari in Dubai. It’s among the top roller coasters that could be terrifying and not an appropriate option for children or pregnant women to choose. It’s offered in an SUV that is well-equipped with safety gear. The SUVs are maintained so that they provide a smooth experience when dunes bashing for clients and provide a comfortable experience for the passengers.

Car, jeep, and bus choices are available for punctual pickup and drop off from the itinerary planners for desert safari. The vehicles of the class include vehicles for SUVs, bikes for quad cycling and dunes bashing. This is designed for tourists’ pleasure and allows the travelers enjoy enjoying the desert safari spots. The safari bus offers are affordable and can be customized based on the locations you’d like to cover. Although the tours aren’t expensive, try to reduce the cost without compromising the enjoyment of the tour.

Yes, it is indeed possible to stay for a night in Deserts because there are cozy overnight accommodations close to the deserts. There are also deals that are affordable and you can find the one that meets your needs. It is possible to choose the overnight camping experience with an excursion on camels and relaxing on dunes made of sand. The camp is usually crowded with barbecue meals dancing shows, barbecue dinners and more. A Bedouin tent is ideal for a place to stay, sit and wait for breakfast while enjoying the sunrise during the morning camel trek.

Yes families, workgroups or couples can Plan a VIP desert safaris in Dubai. It is possible that you are someone who likes privacy and is looking to have the time of your life with your work group and friends. It is possible to plan group excursions with small groups to have an exciting and relaxing adventure in desert by booking the desert safari VIP Dubai.

In accordance with the most recent standards of safety, people need to carry negative RT-PCRs to be able to travel on Dubai travel, and it must be printed in both Arabic as well as English. In addition, a second test will take place on the Dubai airport. But, since vaccination campaigns are at full speed and are in full swing, one can expect that travelling to Dubai is safe. The tests must be performed both between Emirates or Dubai airports. Residents of Dubai who are traveling from other countries, they must have taken two doses of vaccine prior to departing.

Absolutely the desert safaris in Dubai are free of dangers. Every year, thousands of tourists can enjoy the trip and the trip is a proven method for its safety. There aren’t any steps to be taken instead of taking pleasure in the safari experience.

The desert safari Dubai with quad biking is an incredible experience that will make you feel like a true explorer! You’ll be equipped with everything from knee pads to helmets, so your ride goes off without any issues.

Just take your essential things with you such as Mobile, Cam, Sun Block Etc. Do not take unneeded things with you, considering it will be a little late, around 9:00 pm, while returning to the hotel/home. Use a handbag to lug your things.

It depends on the package you select, usually the initial cost 45 AED Per Person for Adult and Child above 3 years with pick & drop from your home/hotel anywhere in Dubai.

  • As a tour is available on all days, you can opt for an inquiry to get the information. It requires a minimum of 12 hours before the safari is scheduled.
  • After booking, you will get confirmation from the driver two hours before and upon reaching the pickup destination.
  • The bus picks up and drops available till the meeting point.
  • For dune bashing, you will get a cruise service to drop you at the campsite.
  • The food, entertainment, and other services are included at the camp.
  • You will get the drop at the location from where you have been picked up.
  • The payment modes for the tours in Arabian deserts vary depending on the type you choose. You can pay during pick up via cash, online, or card options. However, paying through a card would charge you 3% to 5% more than paying in cash.


    • Upon canceling 48 hours before the scheduled time, you will not be charged any fee for cancellation.
    • When canceling 24 hours in advance, you need to pay 50% of the cancellation fee.
    • If you cancel before 24 hours, you have to pay the total amount for the cancellation.

It is great to have a professional and friendly tour guide to accompany you on your safari ride. However, when choosing the package and the safari tour type you want to opt for, you can choose the language you want your tour guide to speak. If you are not comfortable in Dubai’s local language, you can ask for the one that would guide you in your preferred language.

Evening Desert Safari + Quad Bike Combo

If you want the complete adventure then try this combo deal. All-inclusive with hotel/home pick drop, dinner buffet, shows & much more


Evening Desert Safari Deal(Premium Deal)

If you want the complete adventure then try this combo deal. All-inclusive with hotel/home pick drop, dinner buffet, shows & much more


Desert Safari (Economy deal)

Includes centralized bus pick drop, dinner buffet & shows


Evening Desert Safari + Quad Bike Combo

If you want the complete adventure then try this combo deal. All-inclusive with hotel/home pick drop, dinner buffet, shows & much more


Evening Desert Safari Deal(Premium Deal)

If you want the complete adventure then try this combo deal. All-inclusive with hotel/home pick drop, dinner buffet, shows & much more


Desert Safari (Economy deal)

Includes centralized bus pick drop, dinner buffet & shows