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Quad Biking In Desert Safari Dubai with Arabian Desert Safari

A Must Visit Place:

If you are in Dubai, you must not miss the thrilling quad biking in Desert safari Dubai. A breathtaking quad bike ride in the Dubai desert environment. They also introduced many activities there like camel riding, dune bashing and also set up the Desert camp that is Al Khayma camp

Offer Refreshments Items:

At the camp place, you will get refreshments and drinks like Gahwa (coffee) and Gaymat (sweets) anything you want to eat.

Tourist Attraction Place:

Dubai Desert safari is famous for all the right reasons mainly because of the view. The scenery and all the activities are mood boosters, the people thoroughly enjoy it.  

Dubai Desert Safari Tour Guide :

If people are willing to book rides online in Desert Safari, they can book the tickets for their rides easily via desert safari tours and they may also find several deals online.

What Services do you get via desert safari tours:

After booking your tickets online, their car provides pick and drop services at the hotel. So do not be worried about transportation. People can easily accommodate the service they provide. They can pick people up by their given location anywhere in Dubai.

Assist Tourist with Discount packages:

There are various sites online which assist different deal packages with discounts. Some companies offer a 2-hour package. That includes activities of desert safari ranging from AED 59 to 300 per person and more. Desert safari’s whole tour is 6-hours.

What Activities Dubai Safari Offers:

Desert Safari is an adventurous place in Dubai one cannot miss because of the beautiful view of daylight. Multiple activities they are offering like:

  • Quad ride biking
  • Camel Riding
  • Dune Bashing
  • Sand Skiing
  • Sandboard

Things to Keep in mind before Visiting Desert Safari:

  • Skip Dune bashing if you have any heart or back issues.
  • Dune bashing is not allowed for pregnant ladies.
  • Keep in mind the schedule, the evening tour is 6 hours, and the morning tour is 3 hours
  • Do try to keep the phone charger with you in case your phone battery dies and also some extra food.
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Desert Safari with different day and night timings:

One good thing that Dubai Safari offers is that they accommodate people with their morning and evening desert safari facilities. If people are not comfortable and do not want to go in the morning, they can easily compensate in the evening.

Morning Desert Safari:

Morning desert safari comes with a package with a beautiful view of the sunset. The rays that fall on the sand dunes make it even more beautiful. The landscape of the Dubai safari looks prettier in the daylight.

Evening Desert Safari:

The view in the evening is breathtaking, the timings mostly starting from 3 pm to 9 pm. People could enjoy a barbecue dinner along with the beautiful view at night.

Enjoy Stargazing View at Dubai Safari:

People can also spend a night in a desert safari with the aesthetic view of stargazing. They can provide additional accessories like pillows and cushions if included in the tour services.  

Arabian Desert Safari:

Arabian Desert Safari Activities Include:

Few activities that we mentioned above but the list goes on, activities that people could enjoy at the Arabian desert safari are:

  • Sand surfing
  • Dune buggy

A place of Folklore interest

Some traditional activities include henna tattoos, so the visitors who may want to enjoy temporary henna art with ink attract visitors. They also arrange a belly dance show for the people coming there.

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Tanoura Dance in Bedouins camp:

The place in the desert safari known for the desert camps called Al Wasi Bin Zayed Road. A place where people will be able to observe the life of the Bedouins people and experience it. So they arranged Tanoura dance in the Bedouins camp. People that come over there thoroughly enjoyed it.

People Attract to Born fire setup:

There is also a fireman show in the evening desert safari. People are enjoying so much with the calming environment. Born fire camping setup is also available for visitors in the overnight desert safari.

Dinner Arrangements with tasty bbq:

People can also enjoy a tasty buffet and BBQ, and dinner. The menu involves multiple options. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, starters, appetizers, and of course the main course. People who have already visited this place, know better how tempting and tasteful their dinner is. It is definitely not a place to miss. 

Other than that there are also shisha, smoking, and other non-alcoholic drinks available.

Why people should visit this place:

Quad biking in Desert safari Dubai is well known in Dubai and people who visit there consider it a must-go place. For those who like off-roading then this place is definitely for them. Tourists are very thrilled by performing this activity.

An Adventurous place with a beautiful view:

You can drive it straight for 25 to 30 minutes. along with quad biking. People must also avail other activities like camel safari on the sand dunes of Dubai. People can enjoy the view, environment, and great landscape of the Arabian Desert Safari.

A complete guide: 

Desert safari is known to be adventurous. So here we provide you with a complete guide. When and how they should plan their plan. What precautions they must consider.

Your experience matter:

Quad ride biking is a thrilling activity at desert safari one should experience it. So plan accordingly and make sure to not compromise on the fun in the Dubai desert safari.

People around the globe come to visit the Arabian desert safari to see a glimpse of Bedouin life.

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