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Dubai Tourism Guide For First Time Visitors!

Dubai Tourism Guide

Complete Dubai Tourism Guide:

Dubai is a perfect destination for a holiday with the family since it offers something for everyone. Like any other city, Dubai has certain rules and regulations that can be confusing for a first-time tourist. Here’s a list 20 helpful tips that will be useful to ensure you have the most enjoyable trip in this stunning city.

Do you have plans for your first excursion to Dubai ? Here’s a checklist of the most important tips and tricks you need to be aware of.

The best time to go

The summer is particularly intense in Dubai and generally runs from May until September. It’s difficult to take advantage of the city as well as any outdoor activities. The ideal time to visit Dubai is between September and April, but bear in mind that this is the peak season for tourists from December’s end until mid-February

Apply For A Travel Visa

When you apply for a travel visa for the UAE You will fall into one of the three categories:

1. Visa on Arrival Travelers
2. Visa Exempt Travelers
3. Visa Required Travelers

You can find out more about conditions for obtaining a visa to visit UAE. You can find out about the visa requirements to travel in UAE through the UAE Government website. For instance, citizens from GCC countries do not need the approval of a visa or permit to enter the UAE. traveling to UAE.Certain citizens of certain countries are eligible to apply for a visa upon arrival in the UAE. According to the country they are from, travelers can obtain either a 90 or 30 day visit visa, either for one or multiple entry. But, those who require visas prior to departure must apply for one before departure to the UAE. Tourists can apply for visas through tour companies and hotels as well as UAE-based airlines like Emirates as well as FlyDubai.

Book your flight tickets now!

The most efficient way to cut costs on your airfare is to reserve your tickets ahead! You won’t get bargains if you’re booking a flight on the same day. For booking your flights, think about Emirates and Etihad, which are UAE-based airlines. Emirates and Etihad which have gained international recognition! Are you looking for a less expensive alternative? FlyDubai as well as AirArabia are affordable airlines that allow travelers travel the UAE without spending a fortune. Be sure to book your tickets for flights at the least of six to four weeks ahead to get the most affordable rates.

Visit websites like Emirates,, Skyscanner as well as Momondo to purchase your airline tickets on the internet. Be sure to look for promotional codes that may lower your cost or grant you a greater luggage allowance (because you may require it for the return journey! ).

air ticket flight booking concept -


Air Ticket Flight Booking Concept


You can save money on the cost of your flights and hotel costs if you reserve early. The prices increase as you get closer to your vacation.Dubai has some of the finest resorts and hotels however there are alternatives that are affordable for everyone! Choose the easy option and choose at one of these hotels located near Dubai International Airport. Dubai International Airport. It is also possible to reside at Dubai Marina or Downtown Dubai one of the city’s most popular areas that are popular by tourists.Are you looking for a more cozy style? Rentals for short-term apartments within Dubai are also popular with tourists planning a long stay. There are daily and weekly rental homes on Bayut that meet your needs and are close to Dubai’s tourist places of interest.

Documents and currencies

Do not forget to bring the essential documents, like the passport Dubai visas and travel insurance and so on. Bring them with you. The currency used in Dubai is called dirhams (AED) It is recommended to change money in the cities, not at the airport in order to obtain an exchange rate that is more favorable. It is important to note that international credit and debit cards are accepted in a wide range of countries.

Social etiquette

Dubai places a great deal of importance on its old-fashioned values. It is crucial to observe the social code of conduct and avoid publicly displaying affection, snapping photos of people in the area without permission, or accepting or offering something with your left hand or with your left hand.

The weekend begins on Saturday (Friday for State Offices).

The United Arab Emirates will move their weekend from Saturday to Sunday for employees of the state which is a departure from the other countries of the Gulf as it intensifies an effort to attract international business and investment.

The UAE is a country that was the Middle East’s main commercial capital for over 10 years and is faced with increasing challenge in the form of Saudi Arabia — is looking to redefine it as a global center for business.

Similar to other Gulf countries, such as Saudi Arabia, it currently has a working week from Sunday to Thursday. The changes that the government has announced will permit the UAE to be more aligned with international markets, come into effective on January. 1 and will be applicable on the private sector as well as schools. There will be a four 1/2-day work week, and Friday — which is the day of worship in Islam — becoming only a half-day The federal government announced the changes in an announcement.

Dubai is secure

Laws in Dubai are strict, so the crime rate is low. There is no need to worry about your belongings when you travel or visit crowds.

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Police crime scene with yellow tape red and blue flashing siren realistic vector illustration

What do you wear in Dubai?

Dubai is not a country with a rigid dress code that you must adhere to. Dubai is more contemporary and free than many other Islamic countries. However, the city puts the most importance on its ideals. Therefore, it’s always best to dress modestly especially in religious or public locations, and avoid showing excessive skin. Women must also be covered with scarfs when going into mosques.

Know the facts about medications

Certain substances are banned in Dubai It is recommended to consult your physician prior to your trip and obtain prescription. Be sure to keep it in your bag throughout the trip.

Malls aren’t just places to shop.

Dubai malls are renowned around the globe. You’ll be amazed that malls don’t only serve for shopping, but also comprise of a variety of entertainment choices. A ice rink, aquarium fountain, virtual reality park an indoor ski resort etc. are just a few of the many amazing features Dubai malls are equipped with.

Spas are exotic

Dubai offers one of the most lavish and luxurious spas. Refreshing your body and mind with a soothing massage or foot scrub is the most effective option to pamper yourself when you are on vacation.

Don’t skip the desert safari

Dubai is famous for its deep, red, Arabian sands. Plan a desert safari and get away from the bustle of the city in the dust. It is a great chance to enjoy desert activities and enjoy the real Emirati life. It is a must to go on an excursion to the desert in Dubai.

Dubai Tourism Guide


Inside buggy quad vehicle in desert


Dubai airport is enormous

Dubai airport is among the most crowded and largest in terms of its size, and it takes an extended time to get from the end of the runway to the other.

Do you need to be giving a tip?

The tradition of tipping isn’t present in Dubai The majority of people don’t ask for an amount of money for services. However, if you’re happy with the services of a person like grocery baggers, taxi driver and luggage handlers You can always give them a tip. them.

Food is delicious

Dubai is an ideal destination for foodies. There is all kinds of delicious street foods to exquisite establishments and extravagant Michelin star establishments. Alongside local cuisine You can also enjoy delicious cuisines of India, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Iran.

The challenge of exploring on the foot

The majority of tourists enjoy exploring an area by walking. The downside is that Dubai is a hot and humid place during the majority of the year. Walking can be exhausting. You might also feel unsafe walking along the road when vehicles are speeding by you at speeds of 100 km/hr. or plus speed.

Dubai’s nightlife is lively

Dubai is a city with a great nightlife scene, and the majority of the nightclubs and bars are open until around 3 midnight. You must be at minimum 21 years old to purchase alcohol at bars and clubs. In some locations those who are younger than 25 are not allowed entry.

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Amazing skyline cityscape with illuminated skyscrapers. Downtown of Dubai at night with stars and milky way, United Arab Emirates

Dubai is much more than just high-rises

Dubai is a city that is famous for its towering skyscrapers, glitter, and glamour, however there’s more to Dubai beyond it. The historic zones of Dubai like the Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood Dubai Creek and the Souks provide an interesting glimpse into the city’s history. This is the ideal place to take in the rich history and culture of the area.

Moving around

Renting a taxi is among the most convenient ways to move across the city since they’re metered and cost-effective. Metros are well-maintained , economical and an excellent alternative if you live near the metro station. Ride-sharing services like Careem or Uber are other options to get around in the city.

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