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Dubai Desert Experience

Posted on September 6th, 2016

Dubai desert experience is among most loved activities in Dubai. You might have heard about people talking about activities involved or 5 star reviews at Trip advisor. Dubai has become a tourist hub and visited by millions each year. There are lot of activities to excite and attract these tourists. Dubai desert experience is among the most tours.

What Makes Dubai Desert experience so Popular

There are various reasons for the popularity, here we will discuss them one by one

Involved Activities

There are so many awesome activities included, starting from safari inclusions like Dune bashing,  camel ride, sandboarding,  entertainment shows like belly dance, fire show, Tanoura show and lot of food options for your appetite . There are special points to take pictures for your social media life too.  In short, there are lot of activities to excite you.

Timing & Availability

It is available every day which different schedules like 5 to 6 hours evening desert safari or tour with smaller schedule is Morning desert safari.

Apart from this you can request for customized schedule according to your wish

Pricing & deals

There are lot of deals for desert safari. You can book desert tour according to your budget and comfort. Here is cheapest desert safari option where you can directly come to desert if you have your own car or other cheaper option is desert tour  Dubai with centralized bus pick drop

Planning Desert Experience in Dubai

There is no special requirement or nothing specific to worry about.  There are few important things to consider before making any booking, here are few

Does tour guide speaks multiple languages like English/Arabic or Hindi too

What is the name of Dubai desert or where exactly is the camp

  • What is pick drop option for any deal
  • Is pick drop via bus or 4X4
  • What is Duration for dune driving
  • Does it include quad bike