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Deserts of United Arab Emirates (UAE) You Must be Aware Of

Deserts of United Arab Emirates, UAE is known as a great tourist attraction. The largest buildings, hotels, and monuments in the deserts of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) attract many tourists. Every year thousands of tourists visit UAE to explore these adventurous places.

Here we will give an overview of five famoi us Deserts of United Arab Emirates (UAE), people should know about and their importance:

Rub al Khali- The Empty Quarter

Location It is part of the Arabian desert, it covers an area of about 250,000 square miles. The elevation is almost 2,000 feet. The desert is located in Saudi Arabia but touches the part of UAE, Omen, and Yemen. 

Weather  Tourists can visit anytime to The Empty Quarter because the temperature is always hot and dry climate. The areas of the Arabian desert can receive less than 3 centimeters of rain in a year.

Significance  Great Sandy Desert has some historical importance too. However, it is famous for its oil and reserves beneath the sand. Al Ghawar is known to be the largest oil field in the world. Sandy areas are considered an attraction for tourists. The soft sandy dunes attract tourists the most.


The deep desert of Sharjah is located around 65 km southeast of Sharjah city. It was suggested by UNESCO as a World Heritage site. Tourists can easily book Desert Safari Tours to explore this magnificent place.

Archeological discoveries This place has been the center of several archeological discoveries. In addition, a stack of fossils was found here including pottery, iron tools, and camel skeletons.

Home to Pre-Islamic history many prominent sites are also eye-catching like Bronze Age Tombs and pre-Islamic forts. The ‘Mleiha archaeological center’, exhibits many historic remains including maps, graphics, and objects that represent the shades of history. This place also serves as a trade route from the Indian Ocean to connect with the Mediterranean.

Treasures from the past Several pieces of Bronze knives, shells made jewelry, and coral has been exhibited in history back then. Mleiha was once considered a caravan town.

Without experiencing the desert’s adventurous activities, the trip would be incomplete. From short hiking treks to bike rides are most thrilling. Tourists also sign up for an Archaeology tour. Faya Cave, pre-Islamic palace, and fort along with farmhouse are most favorite tourist spots in Mleiha.

Landscapes of Mleiha Tourists enjoy dunes with a Desert safari. However, Runescape and desert cycling tours in the Mleiha desert, are the activities that people preferred. Sunset Lounge, a lantern-lit desert camp where people relax and enjoy the view with barbecue dinner is actually what people crave most in the Mleiha desert.

Deserts of United Arab Emirates
Deserts of United Arab Emirates (UAE) You Must be Aware Of 4


Al Khatim desert is located 82 km from Al Ain and 72 km from Abu Dhabi. The beauty of this desert attracts many tourists because of the landscapes. The vast desert is covered with sand all over the place. Along with that, the trees enhance the beauty of this place.

Dubai Desert Safari

Dubai Desert Safari is the most famous desert of United Arab Emirates, which offers tourists fascinating activities that they must experience once in their life. They can also provide pick and drop services from the hotel. Good barbecue food at the desert safari is well known. 

Arabian Desert Safari

Activities of the Arabian Desert Many activities which tourists loved most is the quad ride bike at the desert safari. In addition, camel riding is most famous among tourists. Dune bashing, sand skiing, and sandboarding are also everyone’s most adventurous spots. 

Dubai Desert Safari provides tourists with morning and evening desert safari with an aesthetic view.

Al Badayer

It is located in the higher plateau of Al Madam, around 65 km southeast of Sharjah city. The new oasis in Sharjah city is

known for its beautiful landscapes. The nature lover and beauty seeker loved Al badayer without any doubt.

‘Made for Adventure’ The heritage of the desert is designed in such a way, tourists can experience the desert’s burnt orange dunes. The dunes in Al badayer are red. Tourists can also enjoy an oasis for relaxing. They can book oasis’21 rooms including the 11 deluxe-king and much more.

Lunch facilities Nizwa restaurant offer tempting food all day. The menu not only consists of continental but traditional food also. They set the restaurant-style as per the Emirati theme. The stylish setting attracts tourists, so they conveniently enjoy the food with the environment.

Other Deserts of United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Activities at Al Badayer Tourists came with their families to enjoy thrilling activities. Al Badayer is known for the most splendid dunes. The oasis offers camel riding, dune bashing, and desert safaris. They can enjoy the calm view of stargazing under the sky with tasty food. Falcon shows and archery games arrange for the guest and more.

They set the whole environment in a way so people can experience the ‘Emirati way of life.

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Deserts of United Arab Emirates (UAE) You Must be Aware Of 5


If you are looking for a desert adventure like Arabian Desert Safari, then it is a place to visit. It is located between Abu Dhabi and Dubai. It is located 70 km northeast of the city. The distance is not much only an hour from Dubai. Little Liwa  The ‘little liwa’ is known for the soft dunes that are most reliable for the dune bashing. Tourists also enjoy camel riding. It is a great place for exploration. Other activities include dune bashing, sand skiing, and sandboarding are also the center of attraction for tourists.Bike racing in the Dubai Desert Many tourists can easily rent bikes from the Dubai Rental Service. The event is arranged for the guest so they can enjoy live racing. The motorbikes in desert safari are designed in such a way, that they easily drive in mud or sand. 

Desert Safari Tours

Photography Sessions Tourists can also enjoy a holiday at Dubai Desert Safari along with their families. The book completes tours through Desert safari tours. People enjoy the whole night by capturing aesthetic pictures under the stargazing view. The desert sunrise is what people never missed. This is the beauty, they observed in desert safari.

It is the complete guide, so visit your plan as soon as possible. UAE adventurous deserts are a must-visit.

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