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All About Dhow Cruises in Dubai UAE

Dubai is far from the village it used to be years ago, with an oil surge in the 1960’s Dubai has experienced extraordinary levels of investments and development which evolved tourism and business in just 50 years. Dubai is not only known for being a business metropolis but is also widely known for its extravagant hotels and beaches that offer luxury and fun all in one plate. The Dhow Cruises in Dubai is in the limelight of many tourists and is an exquisite way to connect modern-day Dubai to its traditional roots.

What is a Dhow Cruise?

Dhows have been ruling the waters of Dubai for hundreds of years and have been widely used to transport all sorts of goods through the Persian Gulf to India, East Africa, and a lot more.  In recent years, Dhow Cruises have become a popular activity for tourists visiting Dubai as it blends traditional values with modern luxury in a perfect way.

Why choose Dubai Dhow Cruise Creek

Dubai Creek is the center of attention the development and once was known as the key source of livelihood for the local people. The city areas of Bur Dubai and Deira are expanded on either side of the creek. It consists of ancient monuments and market areas like Gold and Spice souks, Heritage Village, Grand Mosque, Sheikh Saeed’s house, and Old boat Fort. The Dhow cruise experiences at Dubai creek make your visit worth a while offering you an exuberant view of the historical values of Dubai.

Dubai Dhow cruise Creek deals range from AED55-AED150 and more depending on various facilities offered during the cruise such as 3-course meals, drinks, entertainment, etc.

A general Dubai Creek Dhow Cruise Experience includes:

  • Sightseeing: 

One of the mainstream ways to see the historical part of Dubai is through a Dhow cruise. You can choose from various cruise packages that sail through different parts o Bur Dubai and Deira. Some of the places include the chamber of commerce and industry, Sheraton Dubai Creek, Rolex twin towers, etc.

  • Dinner: 

Many dhow cruise experiences at Dubai Creek are popular because of the mouth-watering food they offer to their guests. At the time of making a booking, you can choose the ones that offer a buffet or multi-course meals. One of the awesome things about Dhow Dinner Cruises is that you can enjoy the mesmerizing beauty from the comfort of your dinner table while you munch on some of the most sizzling cuisines.

  • Entertainment:

Some hours you get on Dhow cruises can be entertaining and memorable at the same time. You stay baffled as you see one of the most beautiful and historical forms of art unfold in front of your very eyes. Some of the onboard entertainment includes magic and horse shows, tanoura dances, and traditional singing performances.

Why Choose Dubai Dhow Cruise Marina?  

On the contrary, if you have a special love for skyscrapers and bright lights that Dubai is known for, Dubai Marina is surely for you. In Dubai Marina cruise so sail through the most intriguing 5-star hotels and resorts, breathtaking world-famous restaurants, and across the hyper-yachts of the rich and famous people.

Dhow cruise Dubai Marina deals generally vary between AED60-AED200 or more depending on the cruise company you are going with and the deal you are choosing. There are several deals that you can choose from offering various perks such as a full buffet.

What is the Best Time to go on a Dhow Cruise?

The Dhow experience can be more enjoyable and exciting if you are in a private group of your own.  Dhow cruise is best if you experience it in November to April as it is considered to be the peak season but prices are relatively higher. In these months the weather is ideal for you to stand out on the upper deck and enjoy the mesmerizing beauty aided by cool Dubai breezes.

It is recommended to bargain hunters visit off-season when the prices are comparatively low. It is highly noticeable that the temperatures during the off-season may reach up to 40 degrees so a sunset cruise is the only option to avoid heat strokes. As the daytime cruise offers the most artistic view of the city, sunset departures provide a memorable experience along with an opportunity to see the illuminated nightlife Dubai has to offer.

There are tons of companies that offer Dubai Dhow tours in Dubai Creek and Dubai Marina. If you want to find the Best Dubai Dhow Cruise Deals it is highly advised that you visit off-season when it is not too crowded.

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