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10 Unmissable Experiences in Dubai

It’s essential to mention that unlike the mysterious mirages from the fiction novels, Dubai attractions is truly an all-natural, visually appealing desert destination that can host any and every kind of travel enthusiast. There’s no denying the Emirati city has plenty to offer when you arrive there for your Arabian vacation. However, it’s vital that you narrow the list down to a handful of must-have experiences to make the best use of your time in the desert city.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of all significant Dubai attractions that should jump to the top of your must-see list.

1. Reach New Heights at the Burj Khalifa

If you have already been to Dubai before but haven’t explored the world-famous skyscraper, were you in the city at all? No Dubai tourism discussion is complete without name-checking the Burj Khalifa. It is essential to mention that the Burj is the talent building in the world. It is safe to say that the panoramic views from the Burj can captivate your imagination, especially the sunsets.

2. Feel Freedom in the Desert Dunes

If you are not one for urbanization, you must get out of the mainland to explore the surrounding deserts. If you are looking to tap into the native Arabian culture and ambiance, then you must get your hands on a heart-pumping quad bike to explore the dunes in the deserts. These bike rides will provide you with an up; close and personal desert safari experience, effectively helping you to explore one of the earth’s most epic landscapes. If you are a sucker for thrills and excitement, you can’t miss this.

3. Soak in the Sights in Comfort

The global media have well documented the scorching summer heat of the middle-east and Dubai. This might hold you on your strides to explore all the sights the city has to offer while avoiding a potential sun-stroke. The most convenient and straightforward solution to this question is an air-conditioned bus tour. There are plenty of city tourism outfits that conduct hop-on hop-off bus city tours and dhow cruise deals, effectively helping you with the flexibility to cover all the best places of Dubai attractions. Essentially the bus tours will allow you to visit the old city, the beachfront, the marina, and more — without breaking a sweat.

4. Marvel at the sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

It is a rough 30 acres stretch, room for 40,000 worshippers, with an enormous 60,570 square foot prayer carpet- some of the most striking numbers from the magnificent Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. One has to admire the carpet as its impressive beauty took artisans two years to create.You can have all the internet and media of the world, but you will have to visit the place to believe its beauty physically and honestly.

5. Enjoy Panoramic Views in an Intimate Setting

The world knows that the Burj Khalifa has an extraordinary view of Dubai attractions. However, there’s a downside to it as well- you cannot see the iconic skyscraper itself from its sky deck. To realize this breathtaking ambition, you will have to visit the Burj Al Arab Sky view Bar. It would be best to see the place after the sun sets to enjoy your craft cocktails while taking in the city lights and the Arab Gulf.

6. Make Memories for Lifetimeona Hot-Air Balloon Ride

If you want to cap off your Arabian vacation in style truly, then you must witness a desert sunrise on a hot-air balloon ride. You must experience cruising through the dunes in a vintage car to get a complete understanding of the local culture, followed by a desert safari. This could be further bettered with an alfresco breakfast for refined luxury.

7. Cool Off At the Aqua Venture Water Park

It is essential to mention that Dubai city is not at all about the desert and the heat. It has an exotic cooler side as well, with the much-loved Aquaventure Water Park. Here, your kids can have a blast with the park’s world-class rides and slides, and later on in the Atlantis Aquarium. This aquatic setting is home to a staggering 65,000 varieties of marine life- yes; your kids will have a field day controlling their curiosity.

8. Feel the Thrill of the Famous Fountains

There’s no denying the fact that the water fountain show at the Dubai Mall is arguably one of the greatest spectacles on earth. A rough 6,000 lights meet 22,000 gallons of airborne water to create a magical show for the visiting tourists, who enjoy it from the deck of a traditional water taxi- another water-bound attraction apart from the dhow cruise deals.

9. Take Zip Lining To New Extremes

If you are looking for some challenging adventure and outdoor experience, then you shouldn’t leave Dubai without experiencing the longest urban zip line in the world. It is only necessary to highlight that the XLine Zipline stretches for a mammoth one kilometer over the Dubai Marina. Brace yourself when you are strapped in because you could be reaching speeds of up to 80 km an hour, only in Dubai.

10. Uncover Fascinating History in the Old City

Lastly, it’s only fair to admit that it has a rich and vibrant past despite the city being one of the most popular urban cities on the planet. You can take to the old town streets to unravel the history and legacy of the landscape. You can begin your city tours by strolling around the marina and taking in the Blue Mosque. Later on, you could get a taste of the raw local culture by getting involved with the vendors at the bustling Spice Souk and Gold Souk for some memorable souvenirs.

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